About Us


Sharper Images Tint and Wraps has been a family owned and run small business since 1993, and we absolutely love what we do! We’re passionate about cars, automotive products and accessories make up the bulk of what our business is built on. From humble beginnings, pin striping cars and installing luggage racks, all the way to where we are today, being one of few wrap shops that are able and willing to change the color of a car with a vinyl wrap and stand behind it.

Over the years we’ve developed many good clients, and as the industry changed and improved our skills did too. In 2006 Sharper Images took on Window Tinting which quickly took off in the local Erie, PA market. Automotive, residential, or commercial window film filled a needed void in our market. Paint Protection Film was also lacking! Customers looking to protect there investment while still being able to enjoy driving it had the perfect solution at there finger tips, a clear paint preserving wrap.

So whether you just bought a new car you’d like to personalize, run a business with a fleet of vehicles that need wrapped, or just need that one window in your house that glares on your TV tinted .. please, let us be of service. We promise to never disappoint.

-Sharper Images Team